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Every single guru who makes the big money online has a single big secret which they use to bank massive paydays.

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The Truth?

The reasons the gurus are able to show off eye-popping numbers is NOT because they have a massive email list built over the years. Sure, it helps, but that's not the primary reason people buy from them over and over again. 

The gurus have one thing and only one thing truly going for them -- trust. They are able to get people to trust them because they have put out so many amazing products over the years.

But how can you, as a newbie do the same? You don't have a product. You can't offer a great bonus because you haven't got any. 

The Answer

You Can Follow Eric's Secret Training...

Eric has solved your biggest problem ever. He'll show you how to build a list, but the truth is, that's not even what you need. A list by itself does not an online income make. 

Instead, what you need is a way to get people to buy from you as opposed to someone else! That's the magic of White Collar PLR!

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How Does It Work?


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  • Use FREE Traffic to Bring In Buyers
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White Collar PLR

Is Different

  • No Launch Jacking
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  • See REAL Results, Fast!
  • Make a REAL Income, Even With A Tiny List
  • Complete, Done For You Package Including Your Own, Branded Premium Courses

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And Did We Mention Our Insane Bonuses?

Social Media Mastery

​Want to finally break through and start making serious money online? If so, you need to master social media. Our expert will guide you through the marketplace so that you can finally succeed where so many others have failed.

Real World Value: $297

How to Create Bonuses, Even If You’re a Know Nothing Newbie

​​Bonuses are an important part of making a serious income online. Most people think they need to be an expert to create a bonus. Eric will show you how to do it even if you know nothing about the subject.

Real World Value: $297

Video Creation Mastery

​Want to create videos that pop? If so, we’ve got you covered. Our expert will show you how to create videos for YouTube that will make you look like a star – even if you don’t want to appear on camera.

Real World Value: $397

Traffic Multiplier

​Look, you can have the best offers and the best mockups and even a professional WordPress theme. But if you don’t also have traffic coming to your site, then it won’t matter. The good news is, We’ve done the research and found you all the best ways to generate massive amounts of traffic. The best part? All these methods are free!

Real World Value: $297

Lead Generation For Beginners

​So you drove the traffic and you built your website but do you want to know how to maximize that traffic? That’s what Lead Generation for Beginners is all about. In this course, we’ll teach you how to generate massive numbers of leads to your business.

Real World Value: $97

How to Create Emails That Sell

​Creating emails can seem like a daunting task but in this course, Eric will teach you how to create emails that sell, even if you know nothing about sales and nothing about writing emails. It’s actually easier than you think.

Real World Value: $197

That's a Total Real World Value of $2,179!

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In fact, if you don't love this course and done for you package, let me know what the issue is and if I can't help you, I DON'T WANT YOUR MONEY! Not only that, but I will even let you keep the bonuses!

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